Behind Bars 
Written by AnubisTTP on 2018-10-02  


In the quest for sunlight readable displays, many manufacturers resorted to extreme measures. A recently added incandescent bargraph module showcases one of the more desperate attempts we have seen by a manufacturer to solve this problem. Rather than settling for dim 1970s-era LEDs, this device uses a fistful of incandescent bulbs mounted in a complex machined aluminum block to produce a display which is readable even when viewed in full sunlight. We do not envy the workers who had to solder the tiny densely packed bulb arrays needed to make this device possible.

We have also added a new nixie tube, a Burroughs 7153, to the Gas Discharge Displays section of the site, as well as a very rare Intel 1301 mask rom to the Integrated Circuits section. The 1301 was Intel's first mask rom, and was released in 1969.

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