Mess with Texas 
Written by AnubisTTP on 2018-11-16  


The humble Texas Instruments TIL302 is one of the most common and mundane of early LED displays. With its red epoxy coating and ceramic interior, even novice LED collectors can instantly recognize it on sight. But, as it turns out, the TIL302 is actually surprisingly interesting, and went through a number of dramatic changes over its life. We have added a new article to the Technology Museum covering the TIL302s many variants, including very early clear epoxy development types as well as a glass-packed version for the military.

Other new additions include a metal-clad RCA 8072 power tube, which has been added to the Diodes, Triodes, Tetrodes & Pentodes section of the site, as well as an uncommon Intel 1601 PROM which has been added to the Integrated Circuits section. The 1601 was designed as an electronically programmable alternative to Intel's 1301 metal mask ROM, and was released in 1970.

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