I Just do Eyes 
Written by AnubisTTP on 2019-01-04  


The world of electron tube collecting can be a very strange place, but it can be easy to forget just how strange it can get. We have recently added a totally perplexing glass eye Crookes tube to the Geissler & Gas Discharge Tubes section of the site. This tube is a bizarre mystery, and contains a glass eye mounted in a large envelope filled with what appears to be low pressure argon. The tube has several electrodes and when energized, the eyeball illuminates with the help of UV-sensitive glass. Even covens of witches can't resist the allure of high voltage gas discharge.

Other recent additions to the Technology Museum section of the site include a MG-19B Nixie tube, a 9 segment neon display sold under several different manufacturer's labels. We have also added an unidentified green straight pin LED to the LED Indicators section of the site.

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