Quack Shot 
Written by AnubisTTP on 2019-08-18  


At the turn of the century, the US saw an explosion in the manufacture and sale of quack medicine electronics. The builders of these devices claimed that everything from cancer to female hysteria could be cured with the proper application of high voltage and magic light bulbs. We have recently added a tube from just such a device to our Geissler Tubes section; a Fischer Diathermy Tesla probe. Used in Fischer diathermy machines, it was claimed that passing a high voltage through this device and waving it theatrically over a sick patient would "cure" them of all manner of quaint-sounding ailments. These claims have largely been disproven in modern times, but that does not change the fact that a Fischer diathermy probe is a very eye-catching device when in operation.

Other recent additions include a Westinghouse 1B32 spark gap tube, which has been added to our Spark Gap and Trigger Tubes page,as well as a Fairchild FPA 700 Phototransistor Array , which has been added to our Transistors and Diodes page,

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