Filament Fusion 
Written by AnubisTTP on 2019-12-04  


Have you ever looked at a Minitron display and wished that it had twice the failure rate at four times the cost? If so, a Wamco Two Digit Minitron could be the display of your dreams. This bizarre display incorporates two filament numerals into a single evacuated envelope, a terrible idea for anyone who looks for reliability or non-ridiculous socket requirements in a display. In a sane world a display like this should have never been made, but it has been made, and we have added one to our Technology Museum page.

We have also added several other new items to the site, including a nickel plated Sargent & Greenleaf Type L Time Lock variant, and an unusual Homemade Crookes Tube, a device likely constructed out of a Liebig condenser by a financially-strapped physics department.

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