Causal Domain Shear 
Written by AnubisTTP on 2020-01-07  


If parallel universes are real, what would their LED displays look like? They might looks something like the LITEF 104267, a completely alien device birthed by the bowels of the Cold War military-industrial machine. Would you expect your parallel universe LED to have a brazed metal lid, but also have multiple convex glass windows? How about a decimal point on a 5x7 LED matrix, only with the decimal point put in the wrong place? The LITEF 104267 has all this and more, and in our latest article we take a deep dive into what makes this LED tick.

We have also added some more pedestrian items to our Technology Museum, including a pair of Burroughs BIP-8232 and BIP-8521 BIPCO Nixie tube modules, each equipped with a B5991 Nixie tube. Burroughs BIPCO line of Nixie tube drivers contains a vast and expansive library of parts, most of which are completely undocumented.

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