Hewlett-Packard 1842-7329 LED  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2007-12-18  


We don't know much about this part, other than that it is a very early device made by HP, and appears similar in outward appearance to the Monsanto MV1 and MV2. The diode has the same gold plated metal can package and 'anvil head' style contact pad as the archetypal Monsanto MV2. Only when viewed under high magnification do significant construction differences begin to appear: the die in this LED has a substantially different top contact. Unlike the MV1, which has a simple circular contact, the 1842-7329 has a series of 'fingers' which extend into the GaAsP emitting section of the die. The fingers appear to do nothing to help the diode's brightness, as the 1842-7329 is just as dim as other diodes from this era.


HP 1842-7329 LED under 30x magnification.

HP 1842 LED
HP 1842 LED with power applied. The light output from this device is very dim.

HP and Monsanto LEDs
HP 1842 LED, right, shown next to a Monsanto MV1 for comparison. HP and Monsanto joined forces to develop commercial grade LED devices before each each company released competing product lines.

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