Fuji 3015F Minitron Display  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2007-01-03  


A minitron is an advancement of filament display technology that follows the same evolutionary step as a panaplex neon display. Instead of being sealed into a tube, minitrons are constructed into rectangular DIP-style envelopes that can be easily integrated into modern circuit layouts. The 3015-F is a fairly standard example of such a device: it has a glass front bonded to a sheet metal case, which is covered with a removable plastic cover. This model of minitron was manufactured in at least two different styles, one of which has a black matte around the display area. Digit height on the 3015F is 10mm and the package is 23mm long from end to end. When operated at 5VDC, the 3015F is rated for 50,000 hours of continuous operation.

3015F / 3015G Datasheet (PDF, 173kb)


3015-F minitron display, normal operation.

Various different minitron displays for size comparison. Clockwise from right; IEE FFD21, 3015F (silver plate version), 3015F (black plate version), Wamco KW-104EW, Wamco KW-104NS, Wamco KW-104S, Wamco KW-105, Wamco KW-105AL.

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