ETL GC10/4C 
Written by AnubisTTP on 2008-01-05  


The GC10/4C neon-filled bidirectional counter is a later model British dekatron, no doubt intended to be a replacement for the GC10/4B. Though the GC10/4C is nearly identical to the GC10/4B from an electrical standpoint, it is quite different in construction. The tube abandons the long, phallic envelope common to previous Ericsson counters in favor of a short, compact envelope that is no longer than a standard octal tube. The 8 pin base is actually the same diameter as the tube envelope: the bottom of the glass envelope narrows to allow it to fit within the inside diameter of the base. The result is an aesthetically pleasing tube that will fit in any device designed for a standard-length octal tube, while still maintaining a distinctive shape. The lineage of the GC10/4C is a bit of a mystery... it is a fairly hard to find tube, and does not appear in any of the standard Ericsson databooks. Collectors are still unsure of exactly how or where it fits into Ericsson's dekatron product line.


GC10/4C dekatron tube in operation.

The GC10/4C (middle) shown between 6802 and GC10D counting tubes for size reference.

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