Hewlett-Packard HDSP-211x Series LED Displays  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2008-01-26  


Devices included in this entry:

Hewlett-Packard HDSP-2111 intelligent LED display (28-pin composite DIP)
Hewlett-Packard HDSP-2112 intelligent LED display (28-pin composite DIP; pictured in thumbnail)

The Hewlett-Packard HDSP-211x is a family of eight-digit, 5x7 bitmapped character LED intelligent displays with full 7-bit ASCII, 16 user-definable characters, daisy-chainable master clock, internal oscillator option, multilevel dimming and blanking, and full read/write operations.

HDSP-211x Series Datasheet


Hewlett-Packard HDSP-2111 intelligent LED display, yellow variant.

HDSP-2111 die structure, 10x magnification.

Hewlett-Packard HDSP-2112 intelligent LED display, high efficiency red variant. This display is very bright, easily visible from across a room.

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